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ASEAN Sustainable Urbanization Strategy

By the ASEAN Secretariat The strategy consists of this report as well as two accompanying toolkits that will assist local governments in ASEAN to advance sustainable urbanization in their cities. Read the Full Sustainable Urbanization Strategy

Smart Grid Interoperability Standards Adoption in Southeast Asia

An International Trade Association (ITA)-commissioned study by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) assesses the landscape for clean energy standards adoption in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

How E-labels Can Support Trade and Innovation in ICT, Medical, and Other Products

Displaying regulatory and other product information electronically is more practical than using small, confusing physical labels. But countries need to align their approaches to “e-labels” in order to maximize their benefits and avoid creating a new barrier to trade and innovation.

Air Pollution May Measure Month Report

Air pollution protocol reporting for May Measure Month View Air Pollution Report

Additive Manufacturing

As new manufacturing techniques like Additive Manufacturing (AM) continue to rapidly evolve, the potential benefits for the countries of Southeast Asia, from higher tech jobs and more resilient supply chains to improved health and cheaper, safer manufacturing, could be immeasurable.

Key Performance Indicators on Smart Sustainable Cities

By the International Telecommunication Union A discussion on why key performance indicators (KPIs) are important for smart cities. Download KPI Report

McKinsey Global Institute: Smart Cities in Southeast Asia

This report offers an overview to help cities understand the promise and limitations of the new technologies at their disposal and to help private-sector companies and citizens themselves anticipate the coming wave of change. "Southeast Asia has a window of opportunity to set its smaller cities on a more sustainable development path and to address…

The Growing Threat of Urban Flooding

By the University of Maryland, College Park and Texas A&M University, Galveston. This report addresses issues that affect urban flood risk reduction, examining critical challenges and offering recommendations for action.  Read the full Urban Flooding Report

Smart Cities Study 2017

By the Committee of Digital and Knowledge-Based Cities of UCLG, Bilbao A study that aims to provide information in a didactic way on the different strategies and projects that cities around the world are putting in place, in order to move forward on the key aspects that make up a "smart city." Read the Full…