As one of the world’s fastest growing regions, Southeast Asia is primed to take advantage of new technologies to continue its economic and human development. As new manufacturing techniques like Additive Manufacturing (AM) continue to rapidly evolve, the potential benefits for the countries of Southeast Asia, from higher tech jobs and more resilient supply chains to improved health and cheaper, safer manufacturing, could be immeasurable. 

To facilitate the adoption of AM technologies in the region, this report, produced by ASTM International – a leading developer of AM technical standards – with support from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, provides key strategic and technical guidance for the adoption of AM standards for ASEAN member states. The findings and recommendations contained in this report draw from interviews with AM standards experts and thought leaders in the AM industry from countries such as US, Singapore, Australia, Japan, UK, Norway, and Sweden, and include a comprehensive review of current and pending standards specific and related to AM technologies.


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