The U.S.-Singapore Critical and Emerging Technology (CET) Dialogue was held in Washington, DC on October 12, 2023. The CET put forth a Smart City Project Pairing Initiative designed to pair U.S. and Singapore cities, districts, and technologies based on common priorities, industries, and characteristics to share experiences, exchange practices, and explore technologies that can advance sustainable urbanization and create opportunities for international commerce.

The CET Smart City Project Pairing Initiative aims to reinforce urban economic, technological, and innovation sectors to track and analyze vital data to in turn improve operational efficiency, inform governmental services, and protect citizen welfare. Prioritizing sustainability and resilience, the Smart City Project Pairing Initiative focuses on transportation and mobility, waste and circularity, green infrastructure, and integrated smart city services.

Through its partnership with Singapore, the United States Department of State/U.S.-ASEAN Smart Cities Partnership (USASCP), in collaboration with other U.S. partners, will send to Singapore a specialized cohort on a fact-finding and information sharing mission. The U.S. Smart Cities Expert Delegation will attend the Singapore World Cities Summit and participate in multiple meetings in Singapore from June 2nd-6th. The delegation includes experts from the Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, and Department of State, as well as representatives from U.S. cities, academia, nonprofits, and industry.

During their visit, representatives will network with Singapore stakeholders to share information about the U.S. smart city ecosystem and dive deeper into Singapore’s approaches for achieving smart city solutions. The delegation ultimately aims to advance bilateral relations and identify project collaboration opportunities in sectors of mutual interest; integrate approaches that strengthen multi-sectoral partnerships with Singapore; and reinforce knowledge sharing in sustainable urbanization for the ASEAN region.