The United States and Japan are working together to advance a shared vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific. Under the Japan-U.S. Strategic Digital Economy Partnership (JUSDEP), we are committed to realizing a global digital economy environment that is open, interoperable, reliable, and secure. This enabling environment is essential to the development of smart cities in the Indo-Pacific region. The United States and Japan intend to share our cities’ experience and expertise with the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) to further ASEAN’s vision for a more integrated and connected ASEAN community.

  1. Smart Sisters Program: The United States and Japan intend to facilitate policy and technical collaboration between their cities and Indo-Pacific cities, in particular the 26 cities in the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) through a Smart Sisters program.
  2. Coordinating Smart City Efforts: The United States and Japan expect to coordinate and share information on their planned engagements under their respective smart city programs, including engagements with key stakeholders, such as the private sector.
  3. Joint Training: The United States and Japan intend to engage in joint training related to smart cities for the Indo-Pacific region including the ASCN. Read more