From left to right: Fawad Ahmad, Clyde Erikur Hull, Mihloti Williams, Helen Santiago Fink, Khant Oak Soe

U.S.-ASEAN Smart Cities Partnership (USASCP) Program Manager, Helen Santiago Fink, visited USASCP program implementer Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), to discuss program activities in 2024. RIT Circular Entrepreneurship Program is a two-year project led by two RIT professors, Clyde Eirikur Hull and Eric Williams, to educate on circular economy principles, develop networks in Southeast Asia to disseminate circular entrepreneurship training, and establish entrepreneurships based on circular economy (CE) principles to promote circular business, sustainable economic development, and environmental sustainability.  

The Circular Entrepreneurship (CE) program has successfully engaged partners from all ten ASEAN countries. There are 28 local universities and 10 business incubators/accelerators receiving RIT’s CE training to date. USASCP and RIT brainstormed potential activities to expand the (CE) program and target engagement for specific groups such as students, women entrepreneurs, and government officials. USASCP also participated in strategic planning meetings with other RIT faculty, to help engage stakeholders in other disciplines to expand circular economy curriculum as they move into establishing regional hubs in the region.

The USASCP and RIT CE team consult with other RIT faculty.