Professional Exchanges/IVLP on Circular Waste Management (Oct. 3-14 in Singapore and Washington, DC): In collaboration with the Center for Liveable Cities, 15 ASEAN participants attended this capacity building and site visit program to learn about circular economy approaches and policies for net-zero municipal waste, construction/demolition, e-waste, etc.  

Program Objectives

  • Explore comprehensive solutions to waste management through integrated urban systems planning, application of tools and replication of existing best practices;  
  • Build connections and share expertise across multi-sectoral stakeholders on cost efficient practices, forward-looking policies, circular economy principles, and green technologies to establish the necessary eco-system for sustainable waste management;  
  • Identify avenues for cooperation within cities and countries to promote creative, localized and regional solutions for a range of waste streams, including, organic waste, e-waste, plastics pollution among others; and  
  • Address pollution challenges through eco-innovation that reinforces socio-economic and ecological systems for sustainable waste management, green economic recovery and climate action.

Program Content

Clean Cities Blue Ocean – USAID PowerPoint

Program Curriculum

University of Maryland Bioenergy Lab

University of Maryland Aquaponics Lab

Singapore-United States Professional Exchange Program