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CET Smart City Project Pairing Initiative Sends Delegation of U.S. Experts to Singapore

The U.S.-Singapore Critical and Emerging Technology (CET) Dialogue was held in Washington, DC on October 12, 2023. The CET put forth a Smart City Project Pairing Initiative designed to pair U.S. and Singapore cities, districts, and technologies based on common priorities, industries, and characteristics to share experiences, exchange practices, and explore technologies that can advance…

USASCP Visit to 5RTECH and Da Nang Hi-Tech Park

The USASCP team met with representatives from the Da Nang Hi Tech Park and the Da Nang Hi Tech Park incubator program. Two members from the EAP/MLA Foreign Assistance team visited the Da Nang Hi Tech Park and 5RTECH, one of the six recipients of the 2022 Business Innovation Fund in Da Nang, Vietnam. The…

USASCP Support Enables Plastics Recycling Company Growth

Ms. Viengvilay Phimmasone, co-founder and director of Patihoub, stands with three employees and USASCP Program Manager Ms. Helen Santiago Fink, at the Patihoub factory. The walls enclosing the factory are made of Patihoub’s primary product, recycled plastic boards. USASCP Program Manager, Helen Santiago Fink, visited Patihoub, a plastics recycling company, in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR.…

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