The U.S.-ASEAN Smart Cities Partnership (USASCP) has programs in sectors such as transportation, water, trade, technological innovation and more. Training and exchanges cover obtaining financing, public-private partnerships, best practices and city-to-city learning. Projects are tailored to the interests of and developed in collaboration with the 26 pilot cities of the ASEAN Smart City Network (ASCN).

State Department

Water Smart Engagements

January 13, 2020

Water Smart Engagements (WiSE) to Pair U.S. and ASCN Cities on Water Issues

Starting in early 2020 and lasting three years, WiSE will pair three ASCN cities with U.S. cities, water districts and utilities for the purpose of collective capacity building and innovative technology familiarization.  The program will be a two-way exchange program that matches ASEAN and U.S. urban water and sewerage entities to their counterparts for a "twinning."

Commerce Department

Expert Advisors

November 4, 2019

Expert Teams to Help ASCN Purchasers of Technologies and Services

The USASCP will deploy expert advisor delegations to select locations within the ASCN to lead targeted, in-depth consultations with ASCN stakeholders and decision-makers. The U.S. delegations will be comprised of smart city experts from across the U.S. Government along with experts from U.S. city governments, industry and academia.

Trade Events

November 4, 2019

Travel to Meet with U.S. Private Sector at Trade Events

The USASCP will develop enhanced policy and promotion programming for the ASCN on the margins of several key smart city trade events. This programming would proactively link U.S. technology and service providers with ASEAN-based smart city technology and service customers.

Transportation Department


November 4, 2019

USDOT Will Address Transportation Issues in the ASCN

The USDOT is working with U.S. cities and states to test new and innovative ways to improve people's mobility and better integrate new and innovative transportation technologies. The outcome of this research and guidance can be applied to cities in ASEAN, many of which are struggling with meeting the transportation and mobility needs of their growing cities.

National Science Foundation

Innovative Technology

December 4, 2019

NSF Will Translate Cutting Edge Research Projects to ASCN Cities

The NSF will support piloting activities and transitioning research from the laboratory to practice in the ASCN. Activities may address a broad set of application domains including: transportation and mobility; water management, such as storm water, flooding, and water quality; urban and urban-rural planning; energy delivery and consumption; disaster response and public safety; healthcare; and digital interfaces to provide public services.


Workshops, Training

November 4, 2019

Workshops to Develop Smart Cities Skills and Awareness

Over the next several years, whether it is smart city basics, information on financing and PPPs, or engaging ASEAN civil society and young leaders, the USASCP will help to transmit best practices and lessons learned to develop smart cities skills and awareness.