U.S. Government

United States Government Infrastructure Export Tools

By the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration
This toolkit identifies federal government tools to support American companies as they compete for infrastructure projects abroad, including where they can be applied along the project life cycle.  Foreign governments and U.S. companies should use this as a general guide to learn how the U.S. government can support individual projects. Read more



Toolkit for Energy and Infrastructure Projects in the Indo-Pacific Region

By METI, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Trade Promotion Division
This Toolkit is designed to support Japanese companies working with U.S. companies in the energy and/or infrastructure sector in the Indo-Pacific region, and to summarize support tools which can be applicable in accordance with phase and purpose of projects. Read more


U.S. Organizations

Smart Cities for All Inclusive Innovation Playbook

By Smart Cities for All
The Smart Cities for All global initiative is working to eliminate the digital divide for persons with disabilities and older persons in cities and urban environments worldwide. The objective of this Inclusive Innovation Playbook is to help cities, their partners, and stakeholders define inclusion as part of the technology innovation process and integrate it into urban innovation ecosystems (e.g. incubators, accelerators, investors, etc.). Read more

Smart Cities:  A Toolkit for Leaders

By Knowledge@Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, January 2019
Mayors and other leaders often have to prioritize among the various needs of the community in light of budget constraints. The key is to strategically pick the projects that will bring the most impact to a city and result in the most good. Read more



An Innovative Data Toolkit for City Management

By Cities Alliance and UK AID, 2017
The toolkit, developed for cities in four African countries, is a guide book for cities to better understand the process of identifying, collecting, managing, analyzing and utilizing data in its various forms to better govern and plan their cities.  This manual helps cities understand the various facets of effective data-driven planning. Read more