November 4, 2019

Expert Teams to Help ASCN Purchasers of Technologies and Services

The U.S.-ASEAN Smart Cities Partnership (USASCP) will deploy expert advisor delegations to select locations within the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) to lead targeted, in-depth consultations with ASCN stakeholders and decision-makers. The U.S. delegations will be comprised of smart city experts from across the U.S. Government along with experts from U.S. city governments, industry and academia. The delegations will spend approximately one week at each participating ASCN city with engagements tailored based on receptivity to U.S. outreach on smart cities, relevance of U.S. capabilities to the city's development goals and projected opportunities for U.S. export successes.

The teams of experts will help ASCN cities implement sustainable smart city programs through long-term partnerships between ASEAN cities and U.S. smart city experts and private industry.


To achieve sustained economic development, ASCN cities must overcome challenges related to procurement and standards. Fair and transparent business practices help companies provide smart city solutions to ASEAN stakeholders. Building on relationships established in 2019, the USASCP will assist ASCN cities adopt innovative U.S. private sector smart cities solutions tailored for ASEAN stakeholders by applying best practices and lessons learned.


The International Trade Administration will carry out these programs in collaboration with the State Department and U.S. private industry.

David Nufrio
International Trade Specialist
Elise Reysbergen
International Trade Specialist
Kyle Johnson
International Trade Specialist